Chicago School Supply helps fight breast cancer

Link360As we all know, breast cancer is a serious disease that affects a lot of women through the course of a year. Everyday people including my mother had to have surgery, as well as famous people such as pro golfer Phil Mickelson’s wife and mother! Phil’s wife and mother found out about a month apart that they had it. Chicago School Supply has teamed up with link360 recycling to help research cures for breast cancer…here is how they do it:

Link360 is a cartridge recycling program that takes used inkjet, laserjet, and toner cartridges and recycles them (this is good for our environment as well!). A consumer gets a pre-labeled UPS box that can be filled with cartridges. The consumer calls UPS when the box or boxes is full for a pick-up and away they go (this of couse is 100% free to the consumer). The proceeds from the cartridges then are are donated to City of Hope for continued research.
If you are interested in this program, please contact your Chicago School Supply Representative and we can send you a box or two and you will be on your way!

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