Teaching Safari Concludes Summer Program

AKF_Aerial_viewThe final tour for our Summer Program has concluded. This week we went to the Arabian Knights Horsefarm in Willowbrook. Arabian Knights has an expansive 10 acre facility and has been around for some 25 years. AKF works with people of all ages, providing: horse riding lessons, stables and horse care staff, and has its own facility to provide entertaiment for various group outings.

Our tour started by having lunch in a HUGE barn with a very decorative Western theme! We then did some dancing with the DJ. It was a mix that catered to a variety of musical tases…everything from the YMCA and Chicken Dance to Soldier Boy and the Cupid Shuffle.

After spanking the planks on the dance floor, the students had an opportunity to ride a horse around the outdoor track. Many students reminesced about their childhood experiences going for pony rides with their families. One teenage boy even got misty-eyed recalling the days of his youth!

AKF also has a small petting zoo where we feed Norman the goat, Lucy the goose, Hercules the mule and several other friends. All of the animals were extremely gentle and appreciative of the bread we offered. Many of the animals lingered for some extra attention and affection from the students. I think Norman would have stood there and let us pet him all afternoon!

Thank you to the AKF staff for providing an awesome time!

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