Chicago School Supply Supports Challenged Athletes Foundation

Muddy_Buddy_CargoChicago School Supply founder Michael Ockrim participated in the 2009 Muddy Buddy race to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). The CAF aims to change the lives of individuals with physical disabilities. Funds raised through this meaningful program allow people with physical challenges to live an active lifestyle.

So what is the Muddy Buddy? Partners begin in the same wave with the biker beginning the race first and the runner starting shortly after.

The course is approximately 6 miles long and is separated into 5 legs by obstacles along the way. The first obstacle is near the one mile mark.

CAF_PhotoAssuming that the biker is traveling faster than the runner, the biker will first approach the obstacle transition area. The biker will drop the bike and conquer the obstacle and start running to the 2nd transition/obstacle.

The runner will then approach the first transition area, conquer the obstacle, find the bike and start riding to the 2nd transition/obstacle area. The team will continue to leap frog throughout the course switching between biking and running.

The obstacles are the best part of the race! Obstacle challenges include a cargo net crawl, a military-style wall, 30′ inflatable climb-and-slide, and balance beam. At every race teams will have to conquer the famous Mud Pit before crossing the finish line together.

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