Summertime Science Activities for Kids

The Cure for Summertime Boredom Summer vacation is the perfect time to take on some fun and educational Science projects with your child. Conducting fun and safe experiments are a wonderful way to fight off summertime boredom and challenge young minds with analytical thinking and creative problem solving. Discovering that science is fun is a [...]

What is the Value of $125,000-a-Year Teachers?

So what kind of teachers could a school get if it paid them $125,000 a year? An accomplished violist who infuses her music lessons with the neuroscience of why one needs to practice, and creatively worded instructions like, “Pass the melody gently, as if it were a bowl of Jell-O!” A self-described “explorer” from Arizona [...]

Six Flags Great America Discount Code

Six Flags Great America is extending a special offer to all Chicago Public School employees this summer. June 19, 20 and 21 will be Chicago Public Schools Employee Appreciation Days at Six Flags Great America – Chicago. All CPS employees are invited to visit Six Flags Great America on one of these days, for the [...]