Online Social Communities For Teachers

Web 2.0 Applications like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized how we are able to connect with friends, family and co-workers. Social networking sites allow us to network with those who share similar interests and exchange information without the constraints of time and space. No profession needs this more than educators.

Online communities are a wonderful tool for teachers to share information and opinions with one another, share lesson plans and exchange classroom stories. I would encourage any educator to join and participate in a community or a group that is dedicated to teachers. The information and perspectives that flow through these sites are of exceptional value. Learning from other teachers is a wonderful way to overcome obstacles and advance your career.

Here are some online communities that I have found to be helpful:

The Apple
A wonderful community of educators that offers great lesson plans for all grades and subjects. There are also wonderful articles on classroom management, partnering with parents and engaging your students. Network with other teachers through groups and discussion forums.

This site features links to blogs belonging to community members, lesson plans, and a message board where teachers have the ability to participate in ongoing discussions. The site was started by a retired middle school teacher and a software programmer looking to bring all of the independent blogs together into one single community. Teachers can share ideas, ask questions, learn from each other, or even vent about the school day on this site.

An interactive website for educators that gives them the ability to create, search and share resources. The goal is give teachers a place to enhance their teaching and professional development as well as network with other teachers. This site also features groups, resources, lesson plans and more. According to the site, there are currently 16,778 registered members, 18,629 resources online and 80 educational institutions represented.

Great Blogs For Teachers

Teacher Leaders

Stories From School

Teacher Voices

Joanne Jacobs

Cool Cat Teacher

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