President’s FY 2010 Detailed Budget Request for Federal Education Programs

On May 7 President Barack Obama released his detailed $3.4 trillion Budget Request for FY 2010.

The total amount for U.S. Education Department programs proposed is $98.2 billion, of which $47.6 billion is for discretionary education programs.

The U.S. Department of Education Budget would grow by $1.3 billion in School Year 2010 above School Year 2009-10 federal funding levels.

The President proposes to eliminate 12 federal education programs due to poor evaluations of their effectiveness while a number of federal education programs were proposed for level funding in FY 2010, maintaining the same levels as for current School Year 2008-09.

Some programs would receive decreases in FY 2010. The reason being given is that they received extra funding through the ARRA.

The Obama Administration has created several new federal education initiatives, some of which would have to have new legislation to authorize them.

Source: Education Legislative Services

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