Free Father’s Day Lesson Plan

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or on our BLOG. The Story of Last NamesSocial Studies and Ancient HistoryGrade 3- 5 DOWNLOAD FREE ACTIVITY SHEETObjectiveStudents learn about the origins of last names in Medieval times. DirectionsIntroduce to students “The Story of Last Names.” A long time ago, four men named Thomas lived in […]

Free Lesson Plan Calendar Computation

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or on our BLOG. Measurement and Problem SolvingGrade 5- 8 DOWNLOAD FREE ACTIVITY SHEET ObjectiveStudents use a calendar to solve math problems. DirectionsShow students a calendar in the classroom or the calendar shown below. Tell them that this is a typical calendar for one month: Sun. Mon. […]

Obama Releases FY 2010 Budget Request

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or on our BLOG. On May 7, President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2010 budget request, including $46.7 billion in discretionary funding for the U.S. Department of Education. The request (an increase of $1.3 billion over last year’s regular appropriation) builds on the investments already made in […]

Resources for Parents and Teachers to Promote Summer Learning

The Learning Process Should Not Take a Break Over the Summer Months This is the last week of school in many states and students everywhere are eager to find refuge in the lazy hazy summer days that lay ahead. Many parents are wondering how they can keep their children’s mind active and engaged until September. […]

Secretary Duncan Urges ‘States to Act Now’ and Submit Stimulus Fund Applications

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan urged states to submit applications for State Fiscal Stabilization Funds as quickly as possible, saying teaching jobs are at risk and reforms must move forward. “We have an urgent need to reform our schools and prevent teacher layoffs,” said Duncan. “The Department is turning around applications within […]

A New Study Claims That Merit Pay For Teachers Has Many Pitfalls

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or our BLOG. Some school policymakers are promoting a new idea for improving the schools: merit pay plans that would tie teachers’ pay to the scores their students earn on standardized math and reading tests. Advocates of this approach base their support on two assumptions: first, that […]

President’s FY 2010 Detailed Budget Request for Federal Education Programs

On May 7 President Barack Obama released his detailed $3.4 trillion Budget Request for FY 2010. The total amount for U.S. Education Department programs proposed is $98.2 billion, of which $47.6 billion is for discretionary education programs. The U.S. Department of Education Budget would grow by $1.3 billion in School Year 2010 above School Year […]

Celebrate Children’s Book Week in Your School, Library or Home May 11-17!

“A great nation is a reading nation.”- Frederic Melcher As you can imagine, we were thrilled that this week is Children’s Book Week! This is a special week that celebrates reading and children’s literature in schools, libraries and bookstores everywhere. This celebration began in 1919 by Franklin K. Matthiews, the librarian of the Boy Scouts […]

Studying the Food Pyramid Free Lesson Plan

Life ScienceGrade 1- 3 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET ObjectiveIn this lesson students:1. explore a food pyramid2. give examples of foods from the different food groups3. complete a food pyramid puzzle4. navigate their way around a Web site Directions 1. Using pictures from magazines, children can make charts showing examples of food from the different food groups. […]

Schools Consider Four-Day Weeks

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or our BLOG. Facing deep funding cuts during the economic downturn, increasing numbers of school districts nationwide are contemplating trimming the traditional school week to four days to save money. A four-day week has long been confined to a few small rural districts looking to save on […]