Study Analyzes After School Programs in Public Schools

It is estimated that 4 million students are enrolled in some form of after-school program.

A new study, “After-School Programs in Public Elementary Schools,” provides a national profile of various types of formal after-school programs physically located at public elementary schools in 2008.

These programs included stand-alone programs that focus primarily on a single type of service (e.g., only day care) and broad-based programs that provide a combination of services such as academic enrichment and cultural activities.

Some of the findings concluded that: 56 percent of public elementary schools reported that one or more after-school programs were physically located at the school in 2008.

Forty-six percent of public elementary schools reported a fee-based stand-alone day care program; 43 percent reported one or more stand-alone academic instruction/tutoring programs; 10 percent reported a 21st Children’s’ Creative Learning Center, and 16 percent reported other types of after-school programs.

Download the entire report.
Source: The National Center for Education Statistics

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