Report Shows Success of All-Day Kindergarten

When she began kindergarten, 5-year-old Betsy Hernandez spoke no English. Now, nearly halfway through the school year, she’s singing along with classmates at Philo T. Farnsworth Elementary School, learning the order of months and knows nearly all the letters of the alphabet.

“I love kindergarten,” Betsy said in a small voice Thursday as she arranged colored tiles into the shape of a flower after a math lesson. “In recess I go play with my friends.”

Betsy’s teacher, Jane Crawford, credits her progress partly to attending all-day kindergarten.

Betsy’s school, along with about 178 others statewide, is part of the state’s $30 million Optional Extended Day Kindergarten program, which is now in its second year. The program’s first year, according to a recent State Office of Education report, was a major success with extended-day kindergartners advancing faster than their half-day peers and few parents turning down the opportunity.”

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(The Salt Lake Tribute 12.08.08)

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