Join the testing and curriculum evaluation team

Copernicus Educational Products, Inc. is seeking a few good educators!

At Copernicus, it is thier mission to better understand the needs of educators rightdown to the littlest detail. Every year Copernicus has the pleasure of working with teachers from all across North America, within a wide range of specialties.

Join the team!

Be a part ot their testing and curriculum evaluation team or simply provide feedback from time to time. Send an email to with your name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Be sure to include what you teach today or have taught in the past, as well as that you are a fan of!

Members of the testing and evaluation team are compensated for their time and effort, so do not delay…join today!

Thank you!

To the current Copernicus team of educators, we thank you for all of your input, ideas and feedback, we wouldn’t be here without you;

Carol Schenk, Wendy Fallis, Beth Leibovitz, Jessica Meacham, Eva Pacitti, Manon Lavigne, Pamela Vigna, Tiffany Stewary, Pauline Tetley, Deana Spencer, Stacy Cervone, Pina Hackman, Cheryl McCabe, Marilyn Acheson.

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