Go Green for a Good Cause – FREE!

Introducing the recycling program that gives as much as it gets – and it is FREE!

By requesting to become a part of the Link 360 Recycling Program through SchooDoodle and Chicago School Supply, your school or office will not only help reduce the impact on the nation’s landfills, but you will also help someone in need!

How can you get involved (for FREE):

  1. Contact Chicago School Supply and let us know you are interested in participating in this important program. We will supply you with a FREE cartridge collection and shipping box that has a PRE-PAID UPS return label attached.
  2. Place empty laser, fax, ink cartridges or cellphones back into their original boxes and then into the Link 360 recycling container. Seal the recycling container once it is full.
  3. Give the container to your UPS driver or drop it off at a local UPS return center – did we mention that the container contains a pre-paid UPS return label?!?!
  4. Enjoy knowing that a donation will be made to the City of Hope for reusable cartridges you recycle!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and we will send you a Link 360 Recycling Container for FREE! Email Mike@ChicagoSchoolSupply.com or call toll free (866) 648-2668

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