Teachable Moments – Post-Halloween Edition

We all know that parents are the first teacher.

What makes great parents good teachers is their uncanny ability to capitalize on the teachable moments that they encounter in their lives.

Those of you who have gotten to know SchooDoodle over the years understand that our corporate culture places a high value on health and wellness. Subsequently, we are not keen on the idea of children gorging themselves with candy for the weeks leading up to the other major gorging holidays….but I digress.

Halloween presents a teachable moment for your early learners. Most states require that 3-4 year old children have an understanding of basic pattern recognition, sorting and matching skills prior to entering Kindergarten. Elementary school curriculum continues to build upon this concept for the first few years of school.

With this in mind, why let your child off by simply dumping their 850 pounds of sugar and fat on their bedroom floor? This is a teachable moment!

Encourage your child to organize their candy into any number of piles on the floor. Start basic with color piles; then move up to candy classification (i.e. chocolate, suckers, etc.). The possibilities are endless.

If you follow SchooDoodle, you are obviously a great parent and exceptional teacher! :) Do not let the teachable moments escape you. Incorporate learning into your everyday life and your child will grow into an intelligent adult…you are the first teacher!

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