Free Lesson Plan for Teachers – The Story of Stuff

Are you looking to fill 20 minutes of class time with consumer information that is appropriate for both elementary and high school students, as well as applicable to science, economics, history, critical thinking and more? Sounds too good to be true, right? We recently watched the 20 minute video on The Story of Stuff website. […]

States Act To Cushion Wall Street Meltdown

By Pamela M. Prah, Staff Writer Cascading economic problems flowing from the crisis on Wall Street are forcing states to urgently redraw their financial blueprints for the rest of this year and next to cushion the impact of the credit squeeze, staggering paper losses for millions of ordinary Americans and soaring energy prices. California, […]

Free Teacher Motivational Quote – "Passion"

There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those. Hope you have a great fall weekend! The weather is changing, so if it’s getting outdoors that excites you, do it! If you find you’re inside, check out the new items on our website! […]

Financial Crisis Now Striking Home for School Districts

The crisis besetting U.S. and world financial markets is hitting school districts hard, as they struggle to float the bonds needed for capital projects, borrow money to ensure cash flow, and get access to investment funds locked up in troubled institutions. In Cumberland County, NC, school officials froze plans to build a $20 million elementary […]

Healthy Halloween Alternatives

First and foremost, the picture of this boy breaks my heart. Shame on the parents for enabling their child to lead an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. The formula for a high-quality life (from a physical standpoint) is easy – eat healthy and exercise regularly. Give me a moment to step down from my soap box. […]

Free Parent Involvement Activities – "Character Development" – Grades 2-3

Creative Writing, Composition, Story & Character DevelopmentWhen creating a story, the character should be as familiar to the writer as possible. suggest that your child choose an existing character from a book, or create her own. Next, encourage her to write down the answers to the following questions about the character:Who is your character and […]

Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Color Collage" – Age 2

Color Recognition, Creativity Help your child make a collage using only materials of a certain color. for a “blue collage,” set out blue construction paper, blue pompoms, blue fabric scraps, blue magazine pictures, etc. Help her glue these items to a piece of paper or cardboard. She can also draw on her collage with blue […]

Northern Illinois Educational Retailers Association (NIERA) Fall Meeting

Today I attended the fall meeting for the Northern Illinois Educational Retailers Association (NIERA). Our guest speaker was Mr. Gabriel Lopez, a lobbyist and government relations specialist for the State of Illinois. What does that mean to teachers? Mr. Lopez’s job is to impact public policy (read: increase funding for education). Mr. Lopez provided us […]

Chicago School Supply joins Blogosphere Challenge 2008

Let the challenge begin! Starting October 1, 2008, bloggers from around the globe will compete to raise money for U.S. classrooms on Never heard of DonorsChoose? Here is how it works… is a simple way to provide students in need with resources that our public schools often lack. At this not-for-profit web site, […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dictionary!

Surreptitiously. Surreptitiously tell the person next to you the name of someone you admire. Definition: adv. Secertly; Clandestinely. Many of us might use the spell check or thesaurus functions on our computers instead of cracking open a print version of dictionary, but those tools are to be credited to Mr. Noah Webster. He is often […]