joins forces with

Exciting news for educators everywhere – has partnered with to distribute free lesson plans for teachers and parents!

TheApple brings members of the education community together to support and advance the profession. TheApple provides resources to promote careers in education, while fostering a community with exclusive benefits where information about the education community is provided to the education community by the community itself. will be sharing new and innovative activities that can be used in the classroom. TheApple will help to spread the good news about these free classroom (and parent) activities by making them available in their Lesson Plan section.

Thank you for your continued support of – we know that this new partnership will help to make your demanding profession a bit easier. Also, be sure to add our Lesson Plan widget located in the sidebar of our blog to your computer’s desktop. The widget will automatically (and securely) upload free lesson plans to your CPU every time we add them to SchooDoodle!

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