Free Lesson Plan for Teachers – The Story of Stuff

Are you looking to fill 20 minutes of class time with consumer information that is appropriate for both elementary and high school students, as well as applicable to science, economics, history, critical thinking and more?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

We recently watched the 20 minute video on The Story of Stuff website. Annie Leonard takes us from start to finish on where our stuff comes from, and more importantly, where it ends up.

The video is engaging, informative, and succinct. Annie unveils some startling facts about U.S. consumers and their relationships with the environment, other nations, and themselves.

Take 20 minutes and watch this fantastic video – it has over 4 million viewers and has won a SXSW Web Award! Then, find a way to share the video with your students. Your next class period will be choked full of heated discussion that engages each one of your students. They will surely have a thought on at least one of the facts presented.

Next, inspire your learners to explore the Story of Stuff website to identify ways that they can contribute less stuff to society!

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