Free Parent Involvement Activities – "Character Development" – Grades 2-3

Creative Writing, Composition, Story & Character Development
When creating a story, the character should be as familiar to the writer as possible. suggest that your child choose an existing character from a book, or create her own. Next, encourage her to write down the answers to the following questions about the character:
Who is your character and how old is he/she?
Where does the character live?
What does the character look like?
How does the character treat others?
What does your character like to do? Hate to do?
What makes your character happy? Sad? Angry?
Who are the character’s friends? Enemies?
What does the character want more than anything?
What does the character fear more than anything?
What words describe your character (brave, timid, cheerful, sullen, etc.)?
With this information, challenge your child to write (or tell) a short story. Here are some possible scenarios:
The character finds herself in charge of a runaway train.
The character wakes up inside of a medieval castle.
The character decides to start a lemonade stand.
The character needs help moving a piano.
Encourage your child to incorporate character development when building the story (“How did she react when she was confronted by her enemy?” “What emotions did she feel when arriving at her home?”).
Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Writing Activities to do with your Child, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, Ages 5-9. Available at

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