Happy Birthday, Mr. Dictionary!

Surreptitiously. Surreptitiously tell the person next to you the name of someone you admire. Definition: adv. Secertly; Clandestinely.

Many of us might use the spell check or thesaurus functions on our computers instead of cracking open a print version of dictionary, but those tools are to be credited to Mr. Noah Webster.

He is often referred to as, ” the Father of American Scholarship and Education.” Over five generations of children across the United States learned spell and read using his Blue-Backed Speller books.

Celebrate Noah’s birthday on October 16th by taking a moment to open a print dictionary and add a new word to your vocabulary.

Better yet, play an educational game that will make learning new words fun and bloviating! Checkout our selection of WordTeaser Games for Idioms and College Prep available on SchooDoodle.com.

We also have a large selection of student dictionaries and dictionary workbooks for parent and teacher use.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dictionary!

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