Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Comic Strips & Books" – Grades 1-3

Creativity, Story and Character Development, Layout

Look at the comic strips in your newspaper with your child and talk about how the characters words and thoughts appear in bubbles (called “saycons”), how the view of the action changes from panel to panel, and how sometimes the meaning or action is conveyed with only an illustration. (If you have a comic book available, go through it with your child and discuss its format.) Point out how some comic strips have a style that looks very realistic, and others have a looser cartoon-like feel.

Some comics feature people, some feature animals that talk, and some feature both.

Encourage your child to create his own humorous panel comic strip or comic book. For inspiration, help him to remember a funny situation (or just get him to think about what makes him laugh, in general). If he has a hard time coming up with comic strip/book ideas, you can just have fun illustrating various selections from a book of jokes (available at your local library).


Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Writing Activities to do with your Child, Grades K-3rd, Ages 5-9. Available at
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