Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Fishing for Letters & Words" – Grade K-3rd

Pre-Reading, Phonics, Word Recognition, Vocabulary

Create a “fishing rod” by attaching a length of string to the end of a twelve-inch stick (a ruler works well). At the end of the string, use a glue gun to attach a small magnet.

Next, write individual letters or words at (or slightly above) your child’s reading level on small, fish-shaped, pieces of construction paper, and attach a metal paperclip to each. Distribute the “fish,” letter-side down, in a random pattern across the floor.

Give the “fishing rod” to your child and encourage her to “fish” for the letters or words. (The magnet will attract the paperclips.)

When she “catches” a letter she can think of a word that starts with that letter. When she catches a word, she can read it or use it in a sentence.

Variation — Place the fish face up on the floor and encourage your child to catch a specific letter or word.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Activities to do with your Child, Reading, Grades Kindergarten to 3rd. Available at
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