Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Composer/Artist of the Month" – Age 7+

How many pieces did Mozart compose before he died at age 35?
Composer/Artist of the Month — Choose a composer or artist to focus on during the month and gather information from the library (musical samples of his/her work, books, art magazines, etc.) to explore with your child. find a picture of the artist or composer and post it prominently in your jhome as a way to spark discussion about his/her work.

As you listen to the composer’s music, disucss with your child the kinds of emotions it makes you feel and what things it reminds you of (the sounds of a circus, wind in the trees, etc.). If at all possible, attend a concert featuring this composer, or attend an exhibit featuring the artist’s work and ask your child for his opinions. What does he think the artist is trying to express with each piece? Does the artwork seem to be telling a story? Consider letting your child create a piece of artwork using the featured artist’s typical medium (oil paints, watercolors, clay, etc.).

Exploring the works of various artists and talking about their differeing styles, choice of subjects, etc., can yhelp your child develop an understanding of how art takes many forms and how it changes over time.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Thinking Activities to do with your Child, Ages 7 & up. Available at

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