Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Tour Guide" – Age 0 to 12 months

Language Skills, Observation & Discovery, Sensory Awareness

House Tour: Walk around the house with your child, describing what you see and do. For example, you can demonstrate how the light switch works, “The light is on. the light is off.” As you let your child touch a particular object, give a detailed and repetitive description of what he is seeing, “This is the door. The door is open. The door is closed.” You can also talk about the pictures on the wall, what you are doing as you start a load of wash, how the drawers open and close, etc.

Neighborhood Tour: Walk around your neighborhood with your child, letting him touch and experience the different textures of the plants and trees. Describe to him what you see, feel, and smell, “These pine needles are green and prickly.” “Let’s smell this pretty red rose.” “Feel how soft the moss is, but this bark is rough.” Nature is a great source of stimulation for all the senses!


Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Baby Activities to do with your Child, Age 0-12 months. Available at
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