Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Coin Flip Stats" – Grades K-3rd

Statistics, Probability, Graphing

Create a 3 x 10 grid, as shown, and label the columns “heads/heads,” “tails/tails,” and “heads/tails.”

You and your child each flip a coin, and then let your child color a square of the grid according to the results of the coin toss. for example, if both of your coins come up “heads,” she will color a square at the bottom of the “heads/heads” column. If one of you flips heads and the other tails, she will fill in a square starting at the bottom of the “heads/tails” column.

Continue tossing coins until one of the columns is full. You and your child will find that the “heads/tails” column is most likely to fill up first. the probability of heads/tails coming up is greater because the combination can occur as either heads/tails or tails/heads.

Variation — Weight the heads side on one (or b0th) coins with a bit of clay. Continue tossing the coins and see if (and how) that skews the results.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Math Activities to do with your Child, Grades Kindergarten to 3rd. Available at

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