Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Sticky Tapes" – Age 1

Sensory Awareness, Observation & Discovery, Language Skills
Gather assorted types of adhesive tapes from around your house, such as, masking tape, transparent tape, first aid tape, electrical tape, etc.
Offer your child a strip of one of these adhesive tapes and let him hold and experience it. Take a piece yourself and demonstrate how it can be stuck to, and removed from, his play table or your hand, or simply crumpled into a sticky ball. show how it can also be used to stick two things together, such as two of his toys, or two pieces of paper. Let him experience the other tapes and talk with him about how they compare, and their possible uses.

CAUTION: Monitor your child closely during this activity. Always use non-toxic materials.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Age 1 Activities to do with your Child, Age 12 to 24 months. Available at
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