Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Does It Make Sense?" – Grades K-2nd

Phonics, Word Recognition, Vocabulary

Write down word-beginnings on individual slips of paper and place them in a bag. In a separate bag, place slips of paper with word-endings written on them.
Some examples of word-beginnings could be individual consonants (B, C, D, F, G, etc.) or letter blends (BL, BR, CL, DR, FL, GL, GR, PL, QU, SC, SCR, SH, SK, SL, SN, SP, SPL, ST, STR, TH, TR, and WH).
Examples of word-endings include ACK, AD, AM, AN, AP, AT, ED, ICK, IM, IN, ING, INK, IP, OB, OCK, OG, OP, OT, OUT, UB, UD, UG, and UM.
Take turns with your child drawing one slip of paper from each bag. If the word created makes sense, the player gets one point. After each turn, the player returns each slip to its respective bag. The first player to reach twenty points wins that round.

NOTE: Have a dictionary on hand to help players confirm that the words being created in the game are real.


Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Reading Activities to do with your Child, Grades Kindergarten to 3rd, Ages 5 to 9. Available at

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