Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Clothespin Learning Wheels" – Preschool

Color Recognition, Math Skills, Small Motor Skills

First, cut a piece of light-colored cardboard into a disk about eight to twelve inches in diameter (or use a paper plate).

Color Wheel: On one side of the disk, use crayons or markers to make differently colored pie-shaped sections. Then use the crayons or markers to color individual clothespins (one color for each clothespin). Encourage your child to match up and clip the colored clothespin to the corresponding colored section on the cardboard disk.

Number Wheel: On the other side of the disk, write the numbers from one to twelve, positioned like the numbers on a clock. On separate clothespins make dots like you would see on a pair of dice (one dot on the first clothespin, two on the second, etc.). Encourage your child to match up and clip the clothespins with dots to their corresponding numbers on the cardboard wheel. (She can also simply clip the clothespins to the numbers on a ruler.)


Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Preschool Activities to do with your Child, Ages 3-5. Available at:
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