Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Come Out Of The Barn!" – Preschool

Imagination, Listening Skills
Tell your child that you are going to play a game where she pretends that she is a farm animal and you are the farmer. Ask her what farm animal she wants to be, and talk about what the animal says (a cow says “moo,” a pig says “oink,” etc.).
Now have her go “into the barn,” which could be going into another room, hiding under a little blanket tent laid over a table, or simply sitting on a chair. Tell her that you (the farmer) are going to call her out of the barn by speaking her language.
If she is a cow she can come out if you “moo,” but if you “oink,” or “baa,” etc., she should stay in the barn. “Oink, oink. Come out of the barn! Hmm, that didn’t work. Neigh, neigh. come out of the barn!” etc.
Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Preschool Activities to do with your Child, Ages 3 to 5. Available at
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