Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Categories" – Ages 7+

What is a lepidopterist?

Think of a general category and suggest to your child that she try to think of things that fit the category. Some possible categories to explore might be flowers, birds, farm animals, things you find at the beach, unusual names, etc. Take turns choosing the categories and naming the items that go into each of them. To make it a bit more challenging, you can try to only name items for a given category that start with a specific letter. For example, if your category is “Sports” and you choose “S” as your letter, some possible entries might include the following: soccer, swimming, sky diving, snorkeling, skiing, etc.

You can also encourage your child to write down a certain number of words that fit the category or as many items as she can think of within a certain time frame. If she is playing with others, they can all write down as many items as possible individually (bonus points can be awarded for items that are not on the other players’ lists).

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Thinking Activities to do with your Child, Ages 7 and up. Available at

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