Report Examines Missing Link In Teacher Quality Campaign

In a new Education Sector report titled Rush to Judgment: Teacher Evaluation in Public Education, Co-founder and Co-director Thomas Toch and Robert Rothman of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform examine the causes and consequences of the crisis in teacher evaluation, as well as its implications for the current national debate about performance pay for teachers.

And the report examines a number of national, state, and local evaluation systems that point to a way out of the evaluation morass.

A host of factors—a lack of accountability for school performance, staffing practices that strip school systems of incentives to take teacher evaluation seriously, union ambivalence, and public education’s practice of using teacher credentials as a proxy for teacher quality—have resulted in teacher evaluation systems throughout public education that are superficial, capricious, and often don’t even directly address the quality of instruction, much less measure students’ learning.

To view the entire report, click here.
Sources: Education Sector

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