Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Bathtub Boats" – Age 2

Observation & Discovery, Imagination

Egg Carton Boat: Float the top of a foam egg carton in the bathtub. Encourage your child to place different toys or household objects into the boat. She will learn to balance items so that the boat stays afloat, and she will see what causes the boat to sink.

Aluminum Foil Boat: Create a boat by curling up the edgew of a sheet of aluminum foil. How much water will it hold before it sinks? You can also crumple a piece of foil into a ball and place it into the tub along with a flat sheet of foil. Do they sink or float?

CAUTION!: Monitor your child closely during these activities. Never leave your child unattended in or near the bathtub.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Activities to do with your Child, Age 2. Available at

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