Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Button Button" – Grade Preschool

Visual Discrimination, Small Motor Skills

Button Comparison: Compare assorted buttons with your child, noting their similarities and differences. Look at size, shape, color, material (like wood or plastic), number of holes, etc. This can be a great time to practice sorting.

Where’s the Button?: Ask your child to guess in which hand you are holding a button. Each time she guesses right, you can say, “You win! Let’s play again!”

Button Tiddlywinks: Place a flat button on the floor or tabletop. Have your child press down on the edge of the button with the edge of another button so that the bottom button hops forward. She can even try to get it to jump into a shallow dish.

CAUTION: Monitor your child closely during these activities. Small items can pose a choking hazard.


Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Preschool Activities to do with your Child, Ages 3-5. Available at

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