Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Bogey at Two O’Clock" – Ages 7 and up

Before beginning this game, take a moment to show your child how directions can be given in relationship to the numbers on the face of a clock. First, remove your watch and have him hold it as your point out that twelve is straight ahead, three is to his right and nine is to his left.

Next, stand with your child in front of you, both facing a lamp (or some other reference point.) Explain to him that the lamp is “at twelve o’clock” when it is straight in front of him. Now have him turn so that the lamp is directly to his right and point out that the lamp is “at three o’clock.” He can turn again so the lamp is directly to his left and note that the lamp is “at nine o’clock.” Another turn puts the lamp behind him “at six o’clock.” Remind him that whichever way he is facing is “twelve o’clock.”

Secretly select an item in the room and give your child a clock coordinate to help him find it. For example, you may pick the fireplace and then call out, “Bogey at three o’clock!” This is your child’s cue to look directly to his right and try to guess which item in that vicinity you chose. If he mistakenly turns to the left, you can continue to redirect him. “Bogey at six o’clock!”

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SOURCE: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Thinking Activities to do with your Child, Ages 7 and up. Available at

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