Presidential Candidate’s Stance on Education

It can be a daunting task to track down every presidential candidate and learn about his (or her!) position on one specific topic. Thanks to, there is now a place to read up on and contrast both Democratic and Republican potentials’ perspectives on American education. SchooDoodle has classroom resources to teach the electoral process […]

In Some Schools, iPods Are Required Listening

A ban on iPods is so strictly enforced at José Martí Middle School that as many as three a week are confiscated from students — and returned only to their parents. But even as students have been told to leave their iPods at home, the school here in Hudson County, NY has been handing out […]

Free Teacher Quote – "Counting"

Not everything that counts can be counted.Not everything that can be counted counts. Quote by: Albert Einstein ******************* Make your weekend count! Spend time with your loved ones! If you’re looking for an indoor activity, click on this link, parents enjoy the activities at as much as their children!

Free Teacher Joke – "Rooftop Love"

Two antenna were hanging out on the rooftop. After a few months, they fell in love and decided to get married. The wedding ceremony was pretty ordinary…. BUT THE RECEPTION WAS EXCELLENT! ******************* Here’s hoping your weekend is filled with laughter and good times and that your next reception is excellent! Enjoy! If you’re browsing […]

Teacher Lesson Plan — Idioms in the Limelight

Subject: Language ArtsGrade(s): 4-6 OverviewChallenge students to “collect their wits,” “put on their thinking cap,” and keep their “nose to the grindstone,” as you introduce this entertaining lesson plan on idioms. Students draw a literal interpretation of a selected idiom and have classmates try to guess what that idiom is. ObjectivesStudents will:· Recognize idioms in […]

Free Parent Involvement Activities – "Blow, Blow, and There it Goes!" – Grade Preschool

Cause & Effect Cut a circular hole, two inches in diameter, at one end of a shoebox lid. Invert the lid and tape it in place on one side to make a hinged lid.Place a cotton ball at the opposite end from the hole and ask your child to try to blow the cotton ball […]

Free Parent Involvement Activities – "Charts" – Grades 1-3

Graphing/Charts, Data Manipulation Encourage your child to ask at least ten people (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) the following (or similar) questions: What is your favorite color? What is your favorite kind of pet? Do you think we will ever colonize the moon? Yes or no? How tall are you? The answers to these questions can […]

In U.S. Classrooms, ‘Tech Sherpas’ Assist Teachers With Computers

Doran Smestad walks through the empty gym to the office in the back corner. The high school sophomore’s mission: to recover an important file that physical education teacher Jim DiFrederico can’t seem to open on his new Macintosh laptop. It’s a typical call for students known around the halls of Nokomis Regional High School in […]

Free Teacher Quote – "A Candle"

All the darkness in the world cannotextinguish the light of a single candle. Quote by: St. Francis of Assisi **************** Posters for your classroom are always an inspiration for your students. Here’s a link to help find the one for your class.

Teen Talk: The Gift of Time for You and Your Teen

How often are you telling your teens to turn off the TV or stop playing computer games so they can complete homework, come to dinner, do chores, go to sleep, get ready for school? How many times a day are you arguing with your kids about the amount of TV/computer time they spend? Every day? […]