Here’s Food for Thought from Around the World (A Geography Lesson Plan)

Subject: Geography; World Culture
Grades: 4-6

This lesson uses food as an “appetizing” introduction to six different countries in the world. Students practice basic map skills identifying the location of these six countries and comparing their geographic features to states in the United States.

Students will:
· Use a map of the world to identify six different countries and the world regions in which those countries reside.
· Use a map of the world to identify facts about countries from a spatial perspective.
· Compare geographic features of the U.S. with selected countries around the world.

National Geography Standards
Standard 1: How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.
Standard 10: The characteristics, distribution, and complexity of Earth’s cultural mosaics.

Materials Needed
· Food for Thought Challenge Cards from WorldTeasers: World Culture & Geography
· Wall map of the world
· Computer with Internet access (optional)

Getting Started
Distribute the six WorldTeasers: Food for Thought Challenge Cards* to six volunteers. Call upon each volunteer to read out loud his or her Challenge Card to the class. Let students guess the answer to the Food for Thought Challenge Card. Discuss with students the different foods mentioned. How many think they would like a McHuevo? Why or why not?

(*Note: WorldTeasers: World Culture and Geography consists of 150 Challenge Cards divided into 25 different categories, six Challenge Cards in each category.)

Direct students’ attention to a map of the world on the wall. Ask a volunteer to point to each country mentioned in the Food for Thought Challenge Cards (El Salvador, Uruguay, Greece, Sweden, Singapore, Sri Lanka). Help students identify the world regions or continents for each country. (El Salvador/Central America, Uruguay/South America, Greece/Europe, Sweden/Europe, Singapore/Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka/Asia)

Divide the class into six groups. Have each group research one of the six Food for Thought countries and develop a WorldTeaser Challenge question for classmates that is based on information that can be found on the map. For example: “Which country in Central America has the largest land mass? Or: “In what ocean is the island of Sri Lanka?” “Which country borders the most number of other countries?”

Have students look at a map of the United States. Which state(s) has similar geographic features to the six Food for Thought countries?

Extension (optional)
Let students research other popular foods from the around using a computer with Internet access. Challenge groups of students to put together a World Menu, listing foods they would serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the country each food item comes from.

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Source: WorldTeasers: World Culture and Geography — An educational game designed to help upper elementary grade students supersize their global knowledge with fascinating, intriguing, and amusing trivia about countries and their culture. Available at

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