Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Icy Bag" – Age 12 to 24 Months

Sensory Awareness, Small Motor Skills, Observation & Discovery

Put two ice cubes in a sandwich-sized resealable plastic bag and place it on your child’s high chair tray. Leave the bag unsealed, letting her explore the ice and the bag. She can take the ice out and hold it, or put it on the tray.

Create a non-slippery area on the tray by placing a dishtowel over half of the surface. Your child will enjoy transferring the cubes to and from the bag and onto the slippery and non-slippery areas of the high chair tray.

Caution: Monitor your child closely during this activity. Ice can pose a choking hazard. Discard the ice and plastic bag immediately after play.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Age 1 Activities to do with your Child, 12 to 24 Months. Available at

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