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Subject: English, Vocabulary
Grade(s): 7 and up

“Is there ever a good reason to prevaricate?” Ask that question among a group of your students and there’s a good chance it will elicit a lively debate — at least among a few. . Some will say, “Absolutely not. Veracity is golden.” (Give that student an A.) Others might suggest there’s some wiggle room, noting, as Tennessee Williams once said, “Mendacity is the system we live.” (Another A.) But the majority may simply stare back at you and ask, “Huh?”

Having a good, strong vocabulary is critical in today’s world. Not only is it important in school, it also has a direct effect on career advancement. In fact, according to the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has been engaged in aptitude and vocabulary research since 1922, a larger vocabulary is not only an indicator of success in business, it is also “the best predictor of overall success in school and performance on the SAT–Verbal and other similar tests.”

But for many students, studying a long list of vocabulary words is tedious, tiresome, and, quite frankly, boring. What’s more, trying to find time in an already busy curriculum to work in a vocabulary lesson is not always easy.

That’s where a new game called WordTeasers: College Prep comes in. WordTeasers is a collection of 150 WordTeaser questions and statements designed to get everyone talking, laughing, thinking…and learning new words — one new word at a time.

WordTeaser challenge questions and statements range from the silly (What do you grouse about more than anything else?); to the thought-provoking (Give a cogent reason for lowering the age at which teenagers can get a driver’s license); to the debatable (Who among your friends is the most indolent?) Yet, all of the questions and statements are designed to help your students acquire new vocabulary by making vocabulary fun, active and engaging, and by putting new words is the context of real-life situations.

WordTeasers can be used in a variety of ways within the classroom…when there is only a few minutes left at the end of the class or even as the basis for a longer lesson plan or writing assignment. For example, at the end of a class, take time to pass the WordTeaser box around. Let each student pull out a WordTeaser Challenge card and read the question or statement to the class. See who gives the quickest and most accurate response to each Challenge.

With WorldTeasers, your students will find that a great vocabulary doesn’t have to be tedious, tiresome, or boring to achieve. And that’s no prevarication.

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Source: WordTeasers: College Prep — An educational game designed to help high school students improve vocabulary and have fun at the same time. Grades 7 + . Available at

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