Free Parent Involvement Activity – K-3rd Grades – "What if…?"

Creative Writing, Story & Character Development

Classic stories (or films) are often so cherished that it can seem a crime to alter them in any way. However, tinkering with these revered tales by posing new scenarios, plot twists, or an alternate ending is a wonderful way to inspire your child’s natural creativity.

What would happen if a certain little monkey flew away with the kite and landed back in Africa instead of being rescued by his friend? What would happen if the yellow brick road ended at your home and there was a knock at the door? If you could travel back in time by way of a whirling treehouse, where would it take you?

Your child can simply talk about the possibilities, or write them down to create the story’s new version, ending, or epilogue.

Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Activities to do with your Child, Writing, Grades K-3rd, Ages 5-9. Available at
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