Teen Talk: " Mom, can I have the keys?"

How can parents be good role models for their children when it comes to driving an automobile?

  • Don’t exhibit road rage.
  • Don’t use cell phone.
  • Don’t be distracted.
  • Don’t drive late at night.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Don’t drink and drive…ever.
  • Be courteous to other drivers.
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Wear seatbelts

    2. What kind of lessons can parents use to convey the responsibility their children need without sounding like old fogeys?

Use contracts with teens:

  • Rules of the car that are sensible. number of people allowed in teen’s car.
    Drinking/drugs= loss of license for x amount of time.
  • Rules about cell phone use.
  • Curfew with car.
  • Who pays for what (and enforce this)

If kids are paying for insurance or car payments have them automatically debited.
(Kids won’t save and parents will end up paying the bills)

3. What, if anything, should parents look for in their children to know that they’ve received the message?

  • Adherence to the contract.
  • If payment involved: are the kids doing this responsibly.
  • Teens working and paying for own gas, insurance. Etc…
  • Teens taking care about the cleanliness of the car. (inside and out)
  • Teens making appointments and taking car to shop or dealer for oil changes, and other

Looking forward to hearing your comments about your experiences with your teens.

Let’s start a conversation.

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