Free Education News: Later School Starts Gain Popularity

After a swing toward starting the school year earlier, sometimes as early as the first week of August, momentum has grown in several states to begin school later in August or after Labor Day. Pressure from parents and the tourism industry has pushed 11 states to limit how early school may begin, rankling school boards […]

Free Teacher Lesson Plan – Spelling Game

Language Arts Grade Levels: 2nd grade through 8th gradeThis is a simple game that makes learning to spell words fun. Materials:marker board orchalk board, andmarkers orchalk. Directions: Students are divided into 2 teams. The students need to stand in a single file line. The teacher calls out a word. The first student in each line […]

Teen Talk: "No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!"

Do your teens talk back to you or ignore you? Do they role their eyes and walk away while you are in mid-sentence? Do you feel helpless and out of control yourself when it comes to getting your teen to respect you? Do you find yourself yelling at your teen or locking yourself in the […]

Free Teacher Bulletin Board Tip – Time Saver

Before the school year begins, decide what color background you want on your bulletin board for each month of the year. Beginning with the last month of the school year, cover your bulletin board with a background paper for each month. Then when you’re ready to change your bulletin board display,you only need to remove […]

Home From School Joke

The student comes home after his first day at school. His mother asks, “What did you learn today?”Her son replies, “Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.”

Free Education News: Best Buy Teach Awards

Rewarding Schools for Engaging Students Best Buy believes technology can excite and engage students, creating a more valuable educational experience. The Best Buy Teach Awards provide gift cards to schools so they can purchase technology for their students.Highlights: Since 2004, the Best Buy Teach Award program has awarded nearly $14 million to over 5,000 K-12 […]

Product Review: Blokus

I LOVE THIS GAME! My good friends Hank and Nadine introduced me to Blokus last weekend. My wife and I brought our two children over to their house for a dinner/play date. After playing with the boys and chowing down on some Giordano’s Deep Dish and Goose Island 312, it was Game On! Blokus is […]

Free Education News: Toy Company Recalls Coloring Cases

On last week, toy retailer Toys “R” Us Inc. and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of Imaginarium Wooden Coloring Cases made in China, due to lead ink on the outer packaging. The company and the CPSC said some of the black watercolor paint in the kit also contains excessive levels of […]

Teen Talk: Homework Hassles and How to Help Your Teen

Thinking back on school years past, how many timesdid you get into a power struggle with your kidsaround homework issues? Let me know if this soundsfamiliar: It is 7PM and your teen informs youthat the science project is due tomorrow morning. Or it is 10PM and your teen is havinga meltdown and you have made […]

Free Parent Involvement Activity: Baby Records

Growth Chart – Birthday Letter Babies 0-12 months Growth Chart: In an out-of-the-way spot in your house (for example, the back of the closet door), create a growth chart for your child. Mark his height at birth, three months, six months, etc. (Use your pediatrician visit records until he can stand by the chart himself […]