Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Anagrams" – Grades K – 3rd

Cut out the individual letters of a word, mix them up, and lay them out before your child. Encourage him to unscramble the letters and reform the word. Start out with simple, three-letter words for younger children, and work up to longer ones for older kids. For example: E P T becomes P E T […]

Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Balloon Rocket"

Tie one end of a length of string to a stationary object (such as a knob on a high cabinet) across the room from you. Thread the other end through a straw. Blow up a balloon, and instead of tying it off, simply pinch the end to keep the air in. Keeping the balloon pinched, […]

Free Education News – Margaret Spelling To Hold National Education Town Hall Webcast

On Wednesday, September 19, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings will host a live Parents’ Town Hall from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. During the live, interactive webcast, Spellings will discuss ways to improve education in the United States with parents and school leaders in Cleveland, OH. Viewers may submit a question for Spellings […]

Free Education News – Come Back Mr. Chips: Why Male Teacher Rates Are At A 40-Year Low

When numerous fellow teachers asked Josh Holt to mentor their students last year at Heber Hunt Elementary in Sedalia, MO Holt initially felt a burst of pride. It was his first year at the school teaching health and PE, and he hoped that he had impressed his senior colleagues. But looking around the school, Holt […]

Free Teacher Lesson Plan – "Football Tag"

OVERVIEW: Reviewing material is an effective tool for ensuring student’s academic success. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this activity is to get all students involved in a review process in which they can have fun and reinforce material at the same time. When students have fun learning, they retain more! RESOURCES/MATERIALS: chalkboard or markerboard, questions, or […]

Teen Talk: Cultural Issues in Parenting Teens

Parenting is extremely challenging for immigrant families. Moving to the U.S., many of the parenting practices which they have been used to (even morally bound to) from their country of origin are not appropriate or even allowed in the U.S., such as authoritarian discipline and physical punishment. These parents feel stripped of their parenting identities […]

Free Teacher Quote – "The Present"

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present. By: Eleanor Roosevelt

Free Teacher Joke – "Ageless"

A young student asked an elderly instructor how old she was.She answered, “39 and holding.”The child thought for a moment, then said,“And how old would you be if you let go?” Here’s a reminder to create precious memories with your youngsters. Click this link for a keepsake portfolio.

Free Parent Activity – Anagram Soup

Grades 1 through 3 On separate index cards, write the letters of the alphabet (for “Q” write “QU”). Sort the consonants into one pile and the vowels into another. Shuffle the cards and invite your child to draw three consonants and two vowels from the piles. Using these five letters, encourage her to come up […]

Free Parent Involvement Activity – Art Collection

Visual Discrimination, ClassifyingYou can introduce your child to fine art and develop her appreciation for it by helping her collect postcards of well known pieces by famous artists. Most museum gift shops stock a variety of postcards depicting their most well known works. You can buy a few cards at each museum you visit and […]