Free Lesson Plan – "Who Wants To Be A Pencil-llionaire" – Grades 1-5

Social Studies, level: Grades 1 through 5th

Materials Required: pencils (lots and lots of pencils), chalkboard, eraser

Activity Time: 45 minutes

Concepts Taught: review social studies and geography

Game Plan: Yes, this follows the same concept of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.” Have each students put their name on a slip of paper. Put all the slips into a basket and draw one. That students comes up front and sits in the “hot seat.” Give them social studies and geography questions that you have studied and write 4 choices on the board. They choose one. If they get it right, they receive a pencil, they can proceed for 4 more turns, each one offering additional pencils. If they answer a questions wrong, they have to give all the pencils back except one….(they ARE kids after all!). I usually allow 2 lifelines; ask the audience or 50/50. They absolutely love it, and it’s a great way to review skills!

Follow this link for another exciting class game, make learning a fun experience and your students will look forward to coming to class!

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