Study Shows Increase In Charter Schools and Accountability

According to a new study conducted by the Center for Education Reform, the number of charter schools opening this school year is up eight percent from last year.

According to the center, more than 4,100 charter schools currently serve over 1.2 million students across the country.

The increase is significant in light of a challenging political environment for school choice in which, among other things, many states are reaching their self-imposed caps on charter schools.

Despite continuing opposition and debilitating laws, however, more parents than ever are choosing charter schools over conventional public schools when it comes to educating their children.

Many state laws continue to create obstacles to quality learning opportunities. The Center for Education Reform tracks the environment for healthy charters in each state and provides profiles grading each state’s effort. Of the 40 states with charter school laws and the District of Columbia, only 17 percent received a grade of “A.”

To view the complete report, click here.

Source: The Center For Education Reform

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