Teen Talk: How to Put a Stop to Sibling Fighting

Many parents have asked me how to get brothers and sisters to keep their hands and feet to themselves.

Do you find that you are always the ref? Are you continually breaking up kicking and hitting between your kids?Are you hoarse at the end of the day from getting in the middle of these battles and screaming “cut it oooooooooooout!! ?”

There is a solution but first I want to you to take a moment and try to think about why siblings fight. Why is it that siblings for the most part hit and kick, yell and scream at each other?

=> It’s difficult for teens to explain themselves. Often they are so full of emotion and hormones that they just plain explode.

=> TV and Video games glorify solving problems by hitting the other person over the head. The 3 Stooges hit each other over the head with hammers and the roadrunner smashes the coyote every chance he can get! And these are shows from my childhood. What are your teens watching?

=> Hitting, kicking, screaming and yelling gets YOU the parent
immediately involved in breaking up the fight. Sometimes when teens get bored
they pull you in for the “mommy-daddy” show. That’s when you lose it…It is very entertaining to watch your parents lose their minds. And teens get a power surge from
having this kind of effect on their family members. But at the same time it is scary
for them and they need you to take control.

So if this sounds familiar, wouldn’t you like to finally know how to put a stop to it?

O.K, here are a few tips that really work:

=> Limit TV and Video games.

=> Encourage teens to express their feelings.

=> Hold family meetings where teens get a chance to be heard.

=> Hold court: Have the teens present their side of the story to you and each other and have teens make restitution to each other for the wrongs they have committed (like writing a note, or doing the other one’s chores).

=> Notice out loud when your teens express their feelings and give lots of praise and complements.

=> Remember the best reward of all is time with YOU!

Best Wishes for a Peaceful Home,

Parent Coach Susan Epstein

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