Free Teacher Lesson Plan – "Musical Chair Phonics"

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary/Foreign Language

Materials Required: Chairs, flash cards with one word on each card

Activity Time: 15 minutes ( According to the number playing)

Concepts Taught: Students will be able to read words by playing musical chairs.

Directions: Play musical chairs as you normal do, except place an index card with
Vocabulary words students need to learn. Each index card will have a different
vocabulary word. When the music stops, the person without a chair tells you which chair he/she was about to sit in. The person who is seated in that chair has to pronounce his word. If he is unable to pronounce the word, he will be out and the standing student will get a chance to pronounce the word. Both students are out if they pronounce it incorrectly. If one gets it right,that person will still be in the game. This really motivates children to pronounce words correctly.

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