Free Parent Involvement Activity – "Balloon Rocket"

Tie one end of a length of string to a stationary object (such as a knob on a high cabinet) across the room from you. Thread the other end through a straw. Blow up a balloon, and instead of tying it off, simply pinch the end to keep the air in. Keeping the balloon pinched, tape the balloon to the straw so that the pinched-end is facing the loose end of the string.

Now, let your child hold the pinched end of the balloon. While you hold the string taut (or tie it to a chair or other object), have him release the balloon. Watch it shoot along the string across the room!

CAUTION: Monitor your child closely during this activity. Put away the string and balloon immediately after play. Balloon pieces can pose a choking hazard. Source: Bright and Beyond, Smart & Simple Age 2 Activities to do with your Child. Age 2 and up.

Want more fun? Have your toddler try this energy burning activity!

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