Free Teacher Lesson Plan – "Football Tag"

OVERVIEW: Reviewing material is an effective tool for ensuring student’s academic success.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this activity is to get all students involved in a review process in which they can have fun and reinforce material at the same time. When students have fun learning, they retain more!

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: chalkboard or markerboard, questions, or material to be reviewed.


Teacher’s Preparation:

1. Draw a simple football field – add school name, etc. to the end zones and/or 50 yard line.

2. Draw a scoreboard.

3. Have a question prepared.

4. Write the following rules on the board.

a: Correct answer = 10 yards – 1st down

b: Incorrect answer = fumble – control goes to other team.

c: 3 answers in a row = field goal – after a team has answered three questions correctly they can choose to take 3 points for the field goal or risk a 4th question.

d: 4 answers in a row = touchdown! 7 points (Note: Field goal questions and touchdown questions should have a higher level of difficulty.

e: Unsportsmanlike conduct: 15 yard penalty and loss of ball if in your possession. (Use this when a student is talking outloud).

Classtime activity:

1. Divide the class into two groups.

2. Choose captains and make up unique names for the scoreboard.

3. Coin flip – give students the choice of taking control of the ball or letting the other team have control first.

4. Draw a football (or circle representing football) above the 20 yard line.

5. Start the questions and follow the rules which you wrote on the board.

a. Only the student who is asked the question may answer.

b. The entire group can discuss and then answer the question.

c. If a question is missed it is a fumble and control goes to the other team – you can give them a new question or repeat the missed one.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: This activity is very effective for the unmotivated student. Always stress the goal is not winning the game, but rather retaining the shared information. Many times the students are having so much fun they don’t realize that they are learning. It’s a good idea not to ask another question until the classroom gets quiet and all are listening to the question. This game can be used for any class subject. Do what’s best for your class.

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