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Albert's Insomnia is an educational tool that uses math skills to teach students to think in the format of an intriguing fun card game! It is a game for 2nd or 3rd grade elementary students, middle schools, high schools and up to Senior citizens. Playing the game teaches the young to think and aids mental acuity for adults. Albert's Insomnia is used by educators in public, private, Montessori schools and in homeschooling environments. Albert's Insomnia aides in development of critical and creative thinking and players have fun at the same time. The educator can easily differentiate the level of play based on students' abilities. Albert's Insomnia uses Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division to play the game. The skills needed to play the game help make basic math skills Automatic without the monotony of flash cards. Albert's Insomnia is one of those rare games you can enjoy by yourself or play with a friend, in small groups or with an entire class! Educators report this is a great "warm up" to get students focused and thinking and ready to learn. Albert's Insomnia played with two or more gives students a chance to socially interact, compete, and /or collaborate. The game can be played with a timer making it even more competitive. Albert's Insomnia can be used like a "spelling bee" for Math between, groups, classes and even schools! This manipulative game has bright colors, an interesting theme, and keeps the attention as play continues because the longer you play a hand the more you have to think! Playing Albert's Insomnia is great for building self-esteem, you feel smart when you play and or win instead of lucky like in a game of chance.

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