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Fact Storming

Fact Storming

Grade level:  3-8


Fact Storming is a summarization activity that begins as a whole class review and leads to individuals pairs or small groups reworking the information to make it their own.  Engaging students in a class brainstorm or "idea splash" is just the first step in this review or assessment activity.  It involves much more than just identifying a low level list of "facts."  

1.  Give each student a copy of the Fact Storming sheet for Social Studies.  

2.  Write a topic or several topics (to give students a choice) on the board.  

3.  Ask students to generate terms related to the topic and record them on the Fact Storming sheet.  

4.  Have students choose from among the Fact-Storming choice activities on the sheet to show their understanding. 

5.  After students have worked for about 15-20 minutes, bring the whole class back together for sharing.  This allows students to review and synthesize the material from different perspectives.  

Extend this activity by assigning a second choice as homework.  The second writing opportunity will allow students to process information even more deeply and further enhance their learning.  


This activity was taken from 25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom, by Judith Dodge.