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Customs and Traditions in Mexico

Customs and Traditions in Mexico

Objective:   teach students in grades one through four to think and learn creatively about customs and traditions in Mexico. 

Grades:  1-4

Subjects:  Social Studies, Reading


Step 1: Print a copy of the story for each student.  Read the story, individually or together, and discuss the story using the suggested questions. (With first-grade students read the story together.)

Step 2: Students are now ready to complete the creative questions. These questions are asked at the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and are designed to encourage students to think at a higher level rather than to repeat information learned from the story. Many of the questions involve no right or wrong answers; therefore, grading will be subjective. Look for creative answers which have incorporated knowledge gained from the story.

Step 3: When the creative questions have been answered, either assign or let students choose some of the learning-center activities. These activities include creative writing, illustrating, design or the creation of something new that will support the story. These activities can be placed in a learning center for differentiation purposes or extensions of the unit.

Included are a Planning Form to help students prepare for their chosen activities and a template for use by students or teachers to create their own learning-center activities.

OPTIONAL RESEARCH UNIT FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS: After reading some or all of the stories, more advanced students can participate in the research project. Directions are given in that section. 

This lesson is an excerpt from Customs and Traditions Around the World.