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Family Traditions

Rear view of school children raising hands at classroomThanksgiving is just one week away and is a time to reflect and appreciate what we have and spend time with our family and friends. It is also a time to honor family traditions; and our lesson plan this week is centered around that idea.

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Lesson Plan of the Week : Family Traditions

Age Range: Grade 3-5 (Though I think this lesson could apply to students of most grade levels)

Overview and Purpose: Traditions are important part of family life. In this activity, students learn about how one of their family's traditions was started.

Objective: The student will be able to describe one family tradition and how it was started.


  • Talk with students about traditions and why they are important. Ask them what they think some common traditions for Thanksgiving are.

  • Have them talk in small groups about some of their families' Thanksgiving traditions. Give them an opportunity to share one with the whole class.

  • For homework, have the students talk with a family member about one of their family's traditions. Have them find out how long it has been going on and how it got started.

  • Have them draw a picture showing the tradition and a sentence or two explaining it. The students can share the traditions with the class the next day.

Wrap Up:

  • You can extend this activity by having students write two paragraphs about a new tradition they want to start when they grow up. Have them include why they would have the tradition and who would it include.