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Living Creatures Projects from Insect Lore

Bring Science to Life with Ant Hill & Butterfly Pavilion Projects

Science Fair Projects can be taken to a whole new level with products from our\" target="_blank">Living Creatures collection.   Projects such as an ant factory, butterfly pavilion, animal games and puzzle sets, lady bug land, inflatables or petri dishes can be effective teaching tools to demonstrate the life cycle to students (not to mention the kids think they are cool!).

Insect Lore  is one of our most popular brands in our catalog of Science Fair projects.  Since 1969, Insect Lore has been devoted to developing wholesome and educational products that feature living creatures. Insect Lore's known for live-insect metamorphosis kits and science & nature accessory items for the outdoors and classroom!

Here are a couple of examples of how these projects can work for your classroom.\" target="_blank">Insect Lore's AntHill and Mini AntHill is a living ant habitat designed like a real ant's home!  Students are fascinated as they observe live ants in a habitat that shows above ground and below ground views.   Watch this video from Insect Lore that demonstrates it's capabilities:

Another example of a science project that will captivate your students is the\" target="_blank">Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion .  Students will observe the life cycle from caterpillars to butterflies with this project. This video will walk you through the basics!

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